This project must not be seen as a competitor to the WHR or its parent company for that matter. It should be seen for what it is, a community project developed by the community for the community. The last thing we want to be is the WHR in any respect, What has been achieved there is amazing, but its not what we are about.

We were at a neighbouring railway recently and we had to endure remarks like “I don’t see why its needed, if people want to be reminded of how things were, they can go to Penrhyn Castle, and if they want to see it in action, they can come here!”
I cannot tell you how much restraint it took to just simile and not respond! Some people just don’t get it somehow! Recreating the Penrhyn Railway 25 or so miles away might be great for enthusiasts, but it does nothing to support our local community.

What has surprised me when talking to officials is that support and vision seems to come from the younger generation, and the only one negative remark we have received has come from the senior generation.
Please don’t get me wrong here we have quite an army of senior support in the local area who are absolutely essential to the project when it comes to recreating the past, but the support and vision from the younger groups is truly heat warming and this if nothing else will ensure that it is successful and that it has a future.

The most important aspect is the railway and heritage centre and how it benefits our community both in employment and economic development. Tourism is a factor but probably unlike other railways its not the main factor.
As a member of this Trust you will be respected and you will be just as important as anyone else within it.
Together we are strong, we wont be bullied by anyone, any such cases, or instances of underhandedness will be published on our web page for the world to read about! There are a few who think the Penrhyn Railway should remain a memory, views that usually come from other railways! But memories have a habit of dieing.

The railway died in 1963, bringing it back to life takes dedication, commitment and a certain degree of madness! Qualities that most of us process.
Work continues with plans and meetings, work that might not appeal to many, but is very essential, however, come Spring we’ll all be out there doing what we have been looking forward to for months.

I have been involved in many projects in the past, but never have I been so proud to be part of a team doing something so worthwhile.

Mathew Spence