Although not connected with Penrhyn in any way Croesor is a place of special interest to us and we think these quarries are important in demonstrating the evolution of the industry. We last visited the quarries in 1990 to list and document any industrial remains and the photos below are some of many that were taken.

The horse operated Croesor Tramway wound its way for several miles from the WHR up the Croesor valley to the foot of an incline that led to several small quarries. New Rhosydd, Croesor and Pant Mawr. The main thing that hits you as you walk up these inclines is why on earth was so much effort put into gaining access to these veins of slate. The inclines are absolutely amazing and inspiring so steep that it is only just possible to ascend them and extremely long. These small quarries were undoubtedly the harshest working environments in the industry and probably the remotest. There is little in the way of railway remains and most are photographed below.

The quarries are accessible from either Bleanau Ffestiniog or the route we took from the village of Croesor. From the carpark at Croesor the routes are well posted and mapped. We will not try and guide you on this route as it is something the individual needs to experience for themselves.